A Day in the Life of A Hybrid Student


Christa Suchcicki, Staff Writer

The school year started all virtual. After some time, you could choose whether to stay home and be virtual or go to school and learn in person. It could be the student’s choice to go back or maybe it could be the parent’s choice.

I decided to go Hybrid and so far, there has not been anything too out of the ordinary other than the social distancing, masks, and fewer people in classes.

What was a day like in the life of a hybrid student?

6:00am: Wake up in the morning and start to get ready for school.

6:45am: Get on the bus and head to school.

7:00am: Get off the bus and enter the school, get my temperature checked, and check in.

7:20am: Go into first period (English) and get ready to start the day with classes.

7:30am: 1st period starts. There is a book talk going on in English today.

8:06am: 1st period ends/homeroom begins.

8:09am: Homeroom ends.

8:12am: 2nd period begins. In Microsoft Office Suite, today’s assignment is a spreadsheet project.

8:45am: 2nd period ends.

8:49am: 3rd period begins. Going into history, we are doing a web quest about the Harlem Renaissance in U.S History.

9:22am: 3rd period ends.

9:26am: 4th period begins. In math class, we are going over yesterday’s homework and asking questions on matrices.

9:59am: 4th period ends.

10:03am: 5th period begins. I am the only one in my Spanish class, a fun discussion goes on in-person and virtual.

10:36am: 5th period ends.

10:40am: 6th period begins. Although it is called lunch, you are not allowed to eat at all and it is more of a study hall. I have a friend in that period and we talk about our day.

11:13am: 6th period ends.

11:16am: 7th period begins. In chemistry, we are going over different units of pressure.

11:50am: 7th period ends.

11:54am: 8th period begins. Health is my biggest class with only 7 people in the class. It’s a fairly easy period.

12:30pm: 8th period ends and the school day is over.

12:50pm: I go home and do my homework.

2:00pm: I finish my homework and grab a snack.

3:00pm: Quick nap time.

4:00pm-10:00pm: I go to my part-time job and work for a few hours.

10:15pm: I go home and I get myself ready for bed.

10:30pm: I go to bed after a long day of school and work.