Holiday Shopping Changes for 2020

Holiday Shopping Changes for 2020

Natalie Borusewicz, Staff Writer

The pandemic changed everyone’s lives and things in it this year. One event that changed that is familiar around this time is holiday shopping. From the parents crowding around the hottest new toys to the hundreds of teenagers in the mall, holiday shopping causes lots of people to be in the same small place together. As we know, people have to be six feet apart or more, with a mask on due to COVID-19. Meaning, COVID-19 causes a big problem for stores during the holiday season. 


If you look around, almost all of the stores you see will have limits and/or requirements. Shopping for the holidays can bring in big crowds, especially if there is a good sale. One way store owners are trying to resolve this problem is to create a capacity of people. There will only be allowed a certain amount of people the store could hold, while being six feet apart. You could wait in line, or in your car. However, this would only apply if you want to take that risk and go out with all of those people. Worldwide, many people do not. This is where the new generation’s addiction comes to play: online shopping. 


Over the years, online shopping has become more and more popular. You do not have to get dressed, go to the store, be surrounded by people, wait in a line – the list goes on. You will have the same offers with even more options. In addition, all of that while being in the comfort of your own home. Online shopping definitely sounds more appealing than in-store. In all, there will be fewer people in the stores than usual, whether between online shopping or just not going because of COVID-19. This solves one of the biggest shopping problems this year: social distancing.